Om Farms

_OM Extracts - Dharma Farms - purpleOM Farms is a Clean Green Certified Cannabis farm, utilizing organic farming principles to grow healthy soil and protect our watershed while we grow our crops. Our farms are in Southern Oregon in the Applegate Valley at 1500’ elevation, with an ideal climate for producing top-quality Cannabis outdoors and in greenhouses. Once we receive our recreational Cannabis permit (currently in the application phase), we will nearly double our outdoor growing canopy size to 40,000 square feet. OM Farms consistently produces high quality Cannabis, selling dozens of flower strains in bulk (pounds), pre-packaged jars, and joints to dispensaries. We are proud to grow a diversity of food and medicine crops in an abundant polyculture.


“Clean Green Certified” Cannabis Flowers grown by OMF, sparkling with potent resin glands. Produced in the heart of the Applegate Valley, our cannabis flowers are blessed with abundant Southern Oregon sunshine and a year round supply of clean water sourced from the snow-capped mountains high above our fields. Never any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers! Greenhouse and Outdoor Grown, we strive to produce a wide variety of cannabis strains with flowers rich in Terpenes, THC, and CBD. We promote the power and the unmatchable quality of sun grown cannabis, as it allows us to be responsible stewards of our Earth.


Pre-rolled RAW cones of our finest fresh ground flowers. Selected OMF flowers, trimmed, ground, and packed by hand with equal parts compassion and gratitude .