Using medical-grade technology and state of the art processing equipment, OM Extracts formulates Mindful Medicine for the people. Our finished refined oil and the hardware we offer are professional, discrete and powerful. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy on all OM Extract products.
We believe that full-spectrum plant medicine is best, so we do not adulterate our products : we never add extra terpenes, essential oils, or cannabinoids. We offer pure, clean Mindful Medicine.

OM Extracts 0.5mL CO2 Vape Cartridge

  • Single-strain, full-spectrum, whole-plant refined CO2 oil

  • Glass Tank, 1.3Ω Ceramic Coil, Ceramic Mouthpiece, Stainless Steel Rings

OM Extracts Adjustable Vape Battery

  • 380 mAh battery and Micro USB cable

  • Three voltage settings (2.7V, 3.1V, 3.6V) and preheat function (1.8V)




OM Extracts 1 gram CO2 FECO

  • FECO is Full Extract Cannabis Oil
  • Single-strain, full-spectrum, whole-plant refined CO2 oil

  • A great alcohol-free option to RSO

  • Can be absorbed in food, drink, capsule, suppository, applied topically, smoked, vaped and dabbed