Welcome to our website!

Hello from the rainy Applegate Valley ! We just launched our new website – let us know what you think. Over the next month we will transition our test results from the current google folder goo.gl/auRdD9 to simple links on the website www.omfarms.com/testing . Our companies go above and beyond Compliance lab results, offering a full Cannabinoid profile, Terpenes, Residual Solvents, and Extended Pesticides analysis for every product. These are examples of the extra steps we take to ensure that your customers get clean medicine. So from now on, just check our website www.omfarms.com/testing for all the new test results.


We also have a new video up! You can watch on our website or on our YouTube Channel here, and we recommend changing the quality settings to HD before you watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tQ_CeOFhnQ . We’ll be documenting our farm season and all the exciting new changes to our lab and extract line. We’ll be updating with videos a few times each month, please let us know what you think!


As you may know, OM Extracts is now on the pending processor list for Oregon: https://public.health.oregon.gov/DiseasesConditions/ChronicDisease/MedicalMarijuanaProgram/Pages/processors-pending.aspx . This means we are able to process and sell all of our products (concentrates AND extracts), and that all dispensaries are allowed to sell extracts (made from hydrocarbons) from us and anyone on their list. We are running as much as we are able, and recommend that dispensaries pre-order specific quantities of products.


ALL CBD FLOWER IS NOW ON A PERMANENT PRICE DROP! We know how important CBD medicine is, and want to offer a lower price to meet the needs of the medical/recreational community.

We are now offering all our sugar wax as “OM Extracts Gold” instead of Gold or Silver. We also have a special on April’s ‘strain of the month’ THC flower: Pineapple! Here is the current list of what’s available 4/27/2016:


OM Farms Greenhouse (Clean Green Certified) Flower:

Pricing for Half Pound, Pound, RAW cone (1gram, all nug):

Blackberry Cheesecake (Batch #2233-032816-1, THC 20.58%, CBD 0.76%)

Chem Sour (Batch #319-113015-3, THC 21.1%, CBD 1.59%)

Durban Poison (Batch #416-030716-1, THC 21.64%, CBD 2.65%)

Grapefruit Sour (Batch #74194-031416-1, THC 18.88%, CBD 0.78%)

Orange Peach Black Frost (Batch #151626-032816-1, THC 14.25%, CBD 0.93%)

Pineapple GDP (Batch #3169-032816-1, THC 18.27%, CBD 1.06%)

Pineapple SLHB (Batch #1619-113015-1, THC 17.95%, CBD 1.45%)

Rocky Mt Tangie (Batch #1820-032816-1, THC 18.73%, CBD 0.84%)

Sour Diesel (Batch #194-113015-5, CBD 22.26%, CBD 0.66%)


OM Farms Greenhouse (Clean Green Certified) Discount Flower:

Discount Pricing for Half Pound, Pound, RAW cone (1gram, all nug):

Cannatonic (Batch #03-113015-4, THC 10.46%, CBD 14.46%)

Harle-Tsu (Batch #820-113015-2, THC 0.84%, CBD 13.64%)

Sour Tsu (Batch #1920-032816-1, THC 5.94%, CBD 13.19%)

Pineapple (Batch #16-032816-1, THC 17.51%, CBD 0.77%)


OM Extracts SOS (Southern Oregon Sap) 1mL , 3mL  :

Cannatonic (Batch #03-010116-3, THC 34.58%, CBD 45.48%)

SD Cannatonic (Batch #3194-123115-3, THC 40.62%, CBD 33.92%)

SD Chem Sour (Batch #194319-123115-4, THC 66.15%, CBD 9.09%)


OM Extracts Gold :

Dream Lotus (Batch #412-012516-3, THC 86.04%, CBD 1.34%)

Grapefruit (Batch #1913-022615-1, THC 76.06% CBD 2.74%)

Headband (Batch #82-011316-1, THC 85.57% CBD 0.39%)

Ogre (Batch #57185-122515-6,  THC 82.96% CBD 1.56%)

Sour Diesel (Batch #1949-122915-2, THC 79.96% CBD 1.37%)


Find us on Instagram @OMExtracts and @OMFarms to see our new packaging, products, and our farms. Have a great day!