Who We Are

Grown from a philosophy of whole-body wellness and following our Dharmic path, OM Farms and OM Extracts launched in 2015 with a mission of nourishing people, enhancing our environment, and growing more life. Our companies OM Farms, LLC and OM Extracts, LLC are located in Southwest Oregon’s Applegate valley, in the wetter Northern edge of the “Emerald Triangle”.

OM Farms: growing mindful medicine for the people

OM Extracts: formulating mindful medicine for the people

In the fertile hills of the Applegate Valley, OM Farms (OMF) grows the new paradigm by making clean medicine based on family values. OMF Cannabis flowers are Clean Green Certified and free of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and these crops are processed by OM Extracts (OME). When other farms contribute plant material, the OME owner and lab manager ensure that the material quality and purity aligns with company standards and ethics. Utilizing proprietary laboratory techniques, OME unveils the medicinal values and benefits of Cannabis.