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OM Extracts is both a licensed ODA Industrial Hemp Grower, Hemp Handler, and an OLCC Recreational Marijuana Producer and Processor.  Using Medical Grade technology, OM Extracts has built an award-winning laboratory, known for developing the highest quality Cannabis extract products. We offer a wide range of high-THC, high-CBD, and terpene-rich products formulated with 100% pure Cannabis and zero additives. We offer third party testing on all of our products to ensure our medicine is clean and free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

At OM Extracts, we work with our farm and a network of sustainable farmers from Oregon’s diverse Appellations to formulate Mindful Medicine rooted in the flavors of our unique terroir.

Are you curious about the science of Cannabis extraction and Full Spectrum Synergy?

OM Extracts offers free educational resources and experiences to help you find your ideal Cannabis experience. Grounded by scientific peer-reviewed journals and rooted in experience from our years in the Cannabis farming and extraction sectors, we are honored to offer you our “Full Spectrum Synergy” curricula and playshops.


Best Processor

2016 DOPE Industry Awards

High CBD CO2 – 1st Place

2015 DOPE Cup

High THC CO2 – 2nd Place

2015 DOPE Cup

PHO – 2nd Place

2015 Bend Concentrate Cup


East Fork CBD Certified