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Dog Walker
Raw CO2 FECO – Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Albert Walker OG x Chemdawg 91. Pungent, skunky and woody aromas. Promotes deep relaxation.

Grown by:
OM Extracts

610.4 mg Total Cannabinoids
532.7 mg THC & 1.6 mg CBD
10.2% Terpenes

21.5 mg CBG

Top 4 Terps:

Available in 1 mL Glass Dripper with .01 mL Dosage Lines

Suggested Serving Size .01 mL / 100 Servings per Container

Full Spectrum Synergy

Cannabis flowers contain a spectrum of medicinal compounds like Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and more in a particular ratio. Full Spectrum Cannabis Extracts preserve this ratio. The scent, flavor, and effects of Full Spectrum products are like the original plant. Each compound in the spectrum offers unique benefits, and their effects combined are enhanced by the “Ensemble Effect”