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Raw CO2 FECO – Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Grown by:
Indigo Gardens

The White x GSC, bred by GrowRu. Aroma is sweet honey and pungent gas. “We are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to grow the GrowRu cut of Wookies. Very few people have the real Wookies that Aaron bred.”

512.7 mg Total Cannabinoids
421.2 mg THC & 1.6 mg CBD
14.2% Terpenes

Top 4 Terps:

Available in 1 mL Glass Dripper with .01 mL Dosage Lines

Suggested Serving Size .01 mL / 100 Servings per Container

The Butterfly Effect

Indigo Gardens is founded on the belief that all of our actions create endless ripples throughout our global community. We focus on doing the best we can for the earth to keep the positive vibes flowing. Each step in the right direction can lead to much larger results down the road! For us, this takes shape as pursuing a regenerative agricultural model where our farming practices have positive externalities instead of the all-too-common negative outcomes the vast majority of the agricultural industry currently subscribes to. Here’s hoping that this small farm in southern Oregon can help change the world.

We are committed to creating a viable regenerative cannabis farming model.

Full Spectrum Synergy

Cannabis flowers contain a spectrum of medicinal compounds like Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and more in a particular ratio. Full Spectrum Cannabis Extracts preserve this ratio. The scent, flavor, and effects of Full Spectrum products are like the original plant. Each compound in the spectrum offers unique benefits, and their effects combined are enhanced by the “Ensemble Effect.”