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OM Extracts Chakra Ratios offer a consistent, reliable range of CBD to THC aligned with the seven Chakras. Simplified labels feature Cannabinoids, Ratios, and large user-friendly graphics about how to use each product.

As a rule of thumb for people new to Cannabis, start low and go slow: begin with a low dose of high-CBD/low-THC and keep in mind that Cannabinoid medicinals can take up to a few hours for full onset. Because each body is different, we recommend writing down a ‘baseline’ of your wellness goals and tracking your Cannabis doses and experiences in a journal or calendar.

Explore a wide range of THC to CBD:


Crown Chakra THC

  • Maximum THC, Minimum CBD
  • Top choice for people experiencing acute and chronic pain, Cancer, Epilepsy/Seizure disorders, Crohn’s Disease, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, Lupis, Arthritis/Inflammation, and Neurodegenerative Diseases like Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s
  • For patients accustomed to opioids or other pain-relieving pharmaceuticals
  • An excellent nighttime choice for people who don’t want to consume THC during the day
  • Sleep support for insomnia (trouble falling asleep and difficulties staying asleep)


Third Eye Chakra 1:7

  • Higher THC, Lower CBD
  • For people who are very comfortable with THC and want a slightly softened THC experience
  • Fun, giggly, and less anxious than high-THC
  • Gentler THC content for both Social Use and for Medical, Wellness, and Spiritual Goals


Throat Chakra 1:3

  • High THC, Medium CBD
  • Good step-up towards higher THC Medicinal goals
  • Soften the THC experience with a medium dose of CBD 
  • Often chosen for cramps, muscle pain, athletic recovery, sports, and fitness



Heart Chakra 1:1

  • Balanced CBD and THC
  • For people accustomed to THC; looking to absorb more Cannabinoids with fewer THC effects
  • Often the favorite option for people with acute and chronic pain, body aches, and nerve pain who want to avoid the full effects of a THC-dominant experience
  • Daytime support for gastrointestinal issues, Cancer, Lupis, HIV/AIDS, and other serious ailments
  • People who choose high-THC extracts in the evening may enjoy a balanced 1:1 during the day


Solar Plexus Chakra 3:1

  • High CBD, Medium THC
  • Top choice for people with digestive disorders, headaches, busy parents, caregivers, and elders
  • For people experiencing pain who don’t want to consume much THC
  • Excellent selection for people who have tried CBD medicinals and want stronger THC effects for pain or anxiety
  • Daytime selection for anxiety, stress, depression, and PTSD
  • Soothes many ailments with less noticeable THC effects


Sacral Chakra 7:1

  • Higher CBD, Lower THC
  • For people who are comfortable with High CBD/Low THC and want stronger THC effects
  • Ideal for those who have been using CBD for some time and want deeper relief than CBD alone can offer
  • Excellent daytime option as the CBD softens the THC effects 
  • 7:1 offers a deeper, restful nighttime option for people who avoid THC during the day



Root Chakra CBD

  • Maximum CBD, Minimum THC
  • For people who want minimal THC effects or are new to Cannabis
  • Many enjoy CBD during daytime and nighttime
  • Often chosen for anxiety, Tourette’s Syndrome, and Central Nervous System Fatigue
  • Most CBD sold in Oregon is made from CBD isolate. Creating isolate removes all THC using toxic chemicals and often contains residual solvents like pentane and hexane. We use pure CO2 to formulate Full Spectrum Cannabis, so our High-CBD medicinals contain a little bit of naturally-occurring THC and zero residual solvents


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