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I am a paraplegic gal who has horrible nerve pain and spasms. I was injured on a ski jump as a teenager at the age of 15, and my mother (thankfully) took the garbage bag full of narcotics away and gave me a bag of weed…fast forward to the 1990s, when I spoke to the state Senate about how cannabis made it possible for me to function (I was raising 2 kids as a widowed mom and going to the UO fulltime). My medical marijuana card was #26! I digress…we are now at a time when great minds are finally free to create great products – and I love your edibles! I am too old to be smoking anymore (49) so I need something that gives me both a THC sleep and the CBD pain relief. I was impressed by your product because I have been a flower user my whole life, then tried dabs, etc…but – I also smoked cigs for a long time, and need to give these poor lungs a break! Over the years I have tried edibles, made edibles, ate edibles, but I never got the same feeling as when I smoked – and I would wait, and wait, and wait…only to turn to a bong hit because I was still in pain and had anxiety. Your product came on slowly but also let me know relief was on the way. I guess that’s the one thing that got me. So…thank you again!