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I’m not much of a brand person when it comes to medicating for my various health issues, homegrown is where it’s at, BUT. BUTTTTTTTT. Om Extracts has been a small business that I’ve had my eye on for a couple of years. I began using their concentrate syringes a year ago and am thrilled by the evolving options and persistent clean processing. You can really taste the terps and as someone with Gastroparesis, edibles are sometimes way too rich for my stomach, so I opt for a small dot of this Golden Goat. Uplifting, fights nausea and intestinal spasms. 100 servings per syringe at $30, making it pretty affordable for a medicinal user. I definitely wanted to do a shout out because this has been helping my depression a lot. Other brands don’t have that full experience feeling, often something feels like it has been left out. Not with @omextracts /// Nothing pumps me up more than clean medicine and good business practice