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I wanted to let you know how my mom is doing. With everything she has going on it’s a slow process of eliminating things so we can actually see the benefits of the Tangie FECO OIl. So she has seen and felt the pain after not having your CBD when she ran out that time. She was getting Lanacane injections into her shoulders because she has torn rotator cuff’s on both arms but cannot go through a surgery yet or if it would even be worth it due to the slow healing and all the other problems she has. The tangie has kept the inflammation and pain away, so we stopped taking those injections since she doesn’t think they work very well and the tangie takes all the pain away. The injections would raise her sugar and that was another thing they would complain about was her A1C. So she is on her last tangie and it is working GREAT for her. They told me when I brought her home from the hospital, she probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed other than the bathroom and to eat… she is showering, cooking some, doing dishes, laundry, and going places with me. I truly believe that is due to you!! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this! I will update you more as we hopefully eliminate more things, we are fighting a iron deficiency currently but we are getting there. Thanks again.