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I started using your full spectrum FECO 1:1 to fight breast cancer after radiation left me with a smaller, but still present tumor.  Mitra and Blake took the time to educate me on how I can increase the THC I can tolerate, through suppositories.  Prior to radiation I was using an 11:1 FECO product sublingually, leaving me too intoxicated to manage much of daily life.  Of course my previous experience with chemo and radiation wasn’t any better and had left me with active cancer, so I was willing to continue with the 11:1 treatment.
I serendipitously crossed paths with Mitra and Blake who took the time to educate me on suppositories and the effect of THC (rather than CBD) on breast cancer. Using the delivery method of suppositories allowed me to increase the THC I was using by 10 times while staying sober.  It was a huge game changer.  Within two weeks of starting the higher THC doses, my tumor was no longer noticeable to the touch.  After 60 days of treatment, I had a clear PET scan.
I’ll be on FECO indefinitely in an effort to never have to deal with the dreaded “C” word again.  Because of the guidance I’ve received I am able to do that and still have a great quality of life.
My family and I are so incredibly grateful to Mitra, Blake and OM Extracts.
Thank you for doing what you do!