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Their products helped my father get off opioids. He hasn’t taken a pill in almost 2 years
He doesn’t go a day without it! He uses the feco for his daily. He will take other things like gummies throughout the day but [in] the morning he takes a .1-.2mg dose to basically be his base for the day. Then he does another in the evening before bed

Awesome products! I’ve always struggled with using prescription opioids and over the counter pain meds after an injury, So for this last injury using OM extracts CBD tincture was a no brainer. Upon being released from the hospital due to needing a thoracic spinal fusion, I began using the CBD tinctures as daily medicine. Morning/night this product helped me kick the opiates immediately and I was able to get back to normal life routines. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking pain relief , this is a much more holistic form of medicine that doesn’t come with the harmful side effects of opioids. Thank you OM extracts for creating a product that helps people get back to living pain free lives.

It’s literally what is getting some of our patients off of opioids.