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I’m obsessed. As a medical patient and have tried so many brands, I get the most medicinal benefits from your brand. I struggle with extreme anxiety, chronic pain, having an appetite and sleep issues. I am a very light sleeper and if and when I get woke up I use to get such severe anxiety about how I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep that I would end up just not going back to sleep no matter how much I smoked or dabbed. That’s when the FECO comes in handy. Another example is I’m so restless in bed and can’t get comfortable, I take some RSO and I’m able to relax enough, and be out of pain enough to fall asleep and STAY asleep!!! I got something in my eye today and started feeling like I was in a room with the walls coming in and couldn’t feel comfortable in my skin… I took some and it helped me calm down and get an appetite to eat, which didn’t sound good before. I love that your products contain high percentages of Turpines which I am able to see the specific Turpines and pick the exact profile that I am needing , since I already know which profiles work best for me!!!

I’m not much of a brand person when it comes to medicating for my various health issues, homegrown is where it’s at, BUT. BUTTTTTTTT. Om Extracts has been a small business that I’ve had my eye on for a couple of years. I began using their concentrate syringes a year ago and am thrilled by the evolving options and persistent clean processing. You can really taste the terps and as someone with Gastroparesis, edibles are sometimes way too rich for my stomach, so I opt for a small dot of this Golden Goat. Uplifting, fights nausea and intestinal spasms. 100 servings per syringe at $30, making it pretty affordable for a medicinal user. I definitely wanted to do a shout out because this has been helping my depression a lot. Other brands don’t have that full experience feeling, often something feels like it has been left out. Not with @omextracts /// Nothing pumps me up more than clean medicine and good business practice

Alright first thank y’all for what you do. I’m a disabled vet with PTSD long story short the Master Kush extract has been a blessing allowing me to sleep in my bed for the first time in years. That’s being said the local shops are out and I can’t find where I can get more. A lot of these shops aren’t online yet or don’t have their menu online. I’m all about traveling so if you got a list of shops that picked that strain up I’d be more than appreciative.

I myself am a daily user of the Chemdawg Sweet and Sour. It does wonder for my chronic pain and PTSD that I recieved through my Army service. I appreciate you guys making such a great product. – John 

I have been in Therapy and Medication Trials for 5 years for PTSD and the Elektra was one of the best aids I have found!!!!