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Alright first thank y’all for what you do. I’m a disabled vet with PTSD long story short the Master Kush extract has been a blessing allowing me to sleep in my bed for the first time in years. That’s being said the local shops are out and I can’t find where I can get more. A lot of these shops aren’t online yet or don’t have their menu online. I’m all about traveling so if you got a list of shops that picked that strain up I’d be more than appreciative.

I myself am a daily user of the Chemdawg Sweet and Sour. It does wonder for my chronic pain and PTSD that I recieved through my Army service. I appreciate you guys making such a great product. – John 

I have been in Therapy and Medication Trials for 5 years for PTSD and the Elektra was one of the best aids I have found!!!!