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I just wanted to put a lot of emphasis on how well your CBD oil … works medically. The disease I have is called CSPR-2 Autoimmune Limbic Encephalitis and causes anywhere between none and fifty seizures daily. Usually, I use THC medicine but have gotten put in multiple situations where I need medicine but cannot handle the intoxicating feelings for the certain situation I’m in. Even though the CBD isn’t as affective as the THC based medicine, it has stopped anywhere between one to two hundred seizures … It’s truly incredible, I thank you and am hoping our country no longer frowns on cannabis so research as such can be official and continue. – Danny

I have catamenial epilepsy which means I have small seizures that are related to my menstrual cycle. I am on an epilepsy medication which decreases my seizure frequency but once I started taking Elektra CBD they SIGNIFICANTLY decreased. I have no side effects and feel great! It has been such a relief to be almost seizure free after 2 years of trial and error. Thanks so much! Amy

Your Chemdawg has given my son relief from seizures. Please keep up the wonderful work! Thank you!

I have the CSS right now and its helping me through this epilepsy so much!

I started having a seizure and my mom placed a drop of your guys Tincture on my tongue and it instantly stopped and pulled me out of my seizure. Now we stick to your tincture and just use a drop when my family members notice I’m having a seizure. I am so grateful that we found the right natural medicine!