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Testimonials from patients, customers and dispensaries about OM Extracts products.

This stuff was amazing!! I have had trouble sleeping lately and that [FECO] just gave me the best nights sleep I've had in a longggg time.

I am currently using your CBD Cannabis Tincture ... Works great at managing pain and tremors.

I have the CSS right now and its helping me through this epilepsy so much!

Love the CO2 FECO Cactus. It's the best thing for my partner's chronic pain.

It's literally what is getting some of our patients off of opioids.

I love your Full Spectrum CBD SO much! It's a life saver! Kills my anxiety and calms my pain like no ones business.

Could we possibly get more of the Elektra Feco? We have a customer who has cancer and ... we are reserving for her ... treatment.

I started having a seizure and my mom placed a drop of your guys Tincture on my tongue and it instantly stopped and pulled me out of my seizure. Now we stick to your tincture and just use a drop when my family members notice I'm having a seizure. I am so grateful that we found the right natural medicine!

It has been a long and painful recovery but an enlightening transition completely from a heavy pharma based pain management to a plant based regiment. Relief rushed through my vibrating nerve paths within minutes of orally ingesting the Full Moon FECO my nerve pain and accompanying paresthesias were GONE. My mind was able to remain clear and functional and let me enjoy life outside of the pain I have gotten so used to. The relief continued to surge through the week of titrating exclusively with your product.

Made some medibles last night with the Golden Wonder Goo with your collaboration with @greensourcegardens and its really helped my boyfriend and his crohns today.  It was super easy to infuse into it which was awesome because we didn't have much energy yesterday.