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Testimonials from patients, customers, and dispensaries about OM Extracts products.

Hello! I wanted to express my gratitude for your high CDB vapor cartridges. I found them while in Manzanita, OR. What is the best way to get your product to Seattle? They are missing out up here and so am I! Lol … So far you have the smoothest vape cartridge with high CBD that I have found…. I look forward to visiting again soon! I’m fine with the share as long as it stays anonymous. Thank you for asking!

Their products helped my father get off opioids. He hasn’t taken a pill in almost 2 years
He doesn’t go a day without it! He uses the feco for his daily. He will take other things like gummies throughout the day but [in] the morning he takes a .1-.2mg dose to basically be his base for the day. Then he does another in the evening before bed

I started using your full spectrum FECO 1:1 to fight breast cancer after radiation left me with a smaller, but still present tumor.  Mitra and Blake took the time to educate me on how I can increase the THC I can tolerate, through suppositories.  Prior to radiation I was using an 11:1 FECO product sublingually, leaving me too intoxicated to manage much of daily life.  Of course my previous experience with chemo and radiation wasn’t any better and had left me with active cancer, so I was willing to continue with the 11:1 treatment.
I serendipitously crossed paths with Mitra and Blake who took the time to educate me on suppositories and the effect of THC (rather than CBD) on breast cancer. Using the delivery method of suppositories allowed me to increase the THC I was using by 10 times while staying sober.  It was a huge game changer.  Within two weeks of starting the higher THC doses, my tumor was no longer noticeable to the touch.  After 60 days of treatment, I had a clear PET scan.
I’ll be on FECO indefinitely in an effort to never have to deal with the dreaded “C” word again.  Because of the guidance I’ve received I am able to do that and still have a great quality of life.
My family and I are so incredibly grateful to Mitra, Blake and OM Extracts.
Thank you for doing what you do!

I wanted to let you know how my mom is doing. With everything she has going on it’s a slow process of eliminating things so we can actually see the benefits of the Tangie FECO OIl. So she has seen and felt the pain after not having your CBD when she ran out that time. She was getting Lanacane injections into her shoulders because she has torn rotator cuff’s on both arms but cannot go through a surgery yet or if it would even be worth it due to the slow healing and all the other problems she has. The tangie has kept the inflammation and pain away, so we stopped taking those injections since she doesn’t think they work very well and the tangie takes all the pain away. The injections would raise her sugar and that was another thing they would complain about was her A1C. So she is on her last tangie and it is working GREAT for her. They told me when I brought her home from the hospital, she probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed other than the bathroom and to eat… she is showering, cooking some, doing dishes, laundry, and going places with me. I truly believe that is due to you!! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this! I will update you more as we hopefully eliminate more things, we are fighting a iron deficiency currently but we are getting there. Thanks again.

My wife has been using 18-1 CBD with spectacular results. Your product has been a real blessing for her in reducing inflammation and thus pain.

My Sister bought me the galactic glue and it’s helping with my husbands cervical myopathy and his fake hip pains… We will be getting more of this for sure.

I’m obsessed. As a medical patient and have tried so many brands, I get the most medicinal benefits from your brand. I struggle with extreme anxiety, chronic pain, having an appetite and sleep issues. I am a very light sleeper and if and when I get woke up I use to get such severe anxiety about how I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep that I would end up just not going back to sleep no matter how much I smoked or dabbed. That’s when the FECO comes in handy. Another example is I’m so restless in bed and can’t get comfortable, I take some RSO and I’m able to relax enough, and be out of pain enough to fall asleep and STAY asleep!!! I got something in my eye today and started feeling like I was in a room with the walls coming in and couldn’t feel comfortable in my skin… I took some and it helped me calm down and get an appetite to eat, which didn’t sound good before. I love that your products contain high percentages of Turpines which I am able to see the specific Turpines and pick the exact profile that I am needing , since I already know which profiles work best for me!!!

I love that your products are full spectrum the whole plant in my belief is extremely helpful in helping with my chronic pain. The og kush tincture is especially my favorite. I take it before bed every night and I literally drift off within 10-20mins . They cart is very flavorful and smooth . I like that you guys have a variation of options for people to choose from and there is cbd involved also and not just high thc . These were gifted and i am look forward to purchasing more from a dispensary very soon.

I’m not much of a brand person when it comes to medicating for my various health issues, homegrown is where it’s at, BUT. BUTTTTTTTT. Om Extracts has been a small business that I’ve had my eye on for a couple of years. I began using their concentrate syringes a year ago and am thrilled by the evolving options and persistent clean processing. You can really taste the terps and as someone with Gastroparesis, edibles are sometimes way too rich for my stomach, so I opt for a small dot of this Golden Goat. Uplifting, fights nausea and intestinal spasms. 100 servings per syringe at $30, making it pretty affordable for a medicinal user. I definitely wanted to do a shout out because this has been helping my depression a lot. Other brands don’t have that full experience feeling, often something feels like it has been left out. Not with @omextracts /// Nothing pumps me up more than clean medicine and good business practice

Um…. this is why i did that video three times and why its over 6 min long this shit is ligit…like the man said more bang for your buck right under the tongue or in Some tea me right under the tongue and i have a high tolerance but holy shit.

This Lifter 8:1 makes life worth living. I suffer from intense pain and nerve damage and this extract helps so much. It’s just enough THC to activate your senses but not nearly enough to overwhelm them. The high CBD and terpene profile knocks the pain down a notch and helps ease the anxiety that tends to accompany intense neverending pain. 10/10 and wish I could find more of it. Makes me able to get through the day and still be able to concentrate on what I need to do. If you like to get truly stoned it might not be your cup of tea but for those of us struggling with pain it is a life-saver. So concentrated it lasts a long time too

Hi I am a spinal surgery patient. That is going through severe pain. And I found that your (om raspberry cola cbd feco). Helps tremendously with my pain. And sadly I’ve been unable to find it again. Especially in portland areas. Is there anyway I’d be able to buy more, since it is the only thing I’ve found that really helps me. Thank you for your time!

Awesome products! I’ve always struggled with using prescription opioids and over the counter pain meds after an injury, So for this last injury using OM extracts CBD tincture was a no brainer. Upon being released from the hospital due to needing a thoracic spinal fusion, I began using the CBD tinctures as daily medicine. Morning/night this product helped me kick the opiates immediately and I was able to get back to normal life routines. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking pain relief , this is a much more holistic form of medicine that doesn’t come with the harmful side effects of opioids. Thank you OM extracts for creating a product that helps people get back to living pain free lives.

My daughter in laws mother just had 6 month follow up / using only OM that we worked together to pick out and send She is Cancer Free💚🥰💚

Started using your products for about 6 months now and I can’t believe how much it has helped my health issues( CHF, Diabetic, stage 3 kidney failure, neuropathy in extremities and stomach, chronic back pain, chronic nausea and several other health issues. I have gotten my quality of life back with the FECO, several of my issues have gotten better.

I have been using your products since 2018. You have saved my life. I was having to stop Gabapentin and the only medicine that helped me through it is your FECOs… I am over 70 yrs old… I love all of the Southern Or Kush and PHK

Last year the disc in my jaw became displaced and I experienced a painful immobile locked jaw for an entire year. I went through jaw surgery and multiple medical procedures and products without any success. A friend suggested I try CBD for pain and I tried out some edibles for the first time. It was a night and day difference on my pain level! I started experimenting with different products until I found yours and am now a regular user of your OM EXTRACTS a few times a week. Through using your products I have not only had my jaw UNLOCK but I have experienced healing and increase mobility in my jaw so much that my pain level and mobility has dramatically decreased permanently. THANKYOU!

Alright first thank y’all for what you do. I’m a disabled vet with PTSD long story short the Master Kush extract has been a blessing allowing me to sleep in my bed for the first time in years. That’s being said the local shops are out and I can’t find where I can get more. A lot of these shops aren’t online yet or don’t have their menu online. I’m all about traveling so if you got a list of shops that picked that strain up I’d be more than appreciative.

The Full Moon, Sour tsunami, and chemdawg strains have been very helpful for my migraines, MS and for sleeping better. Thank you for making them! Sincerely, Jenny

I have MS and your feco is a life saver for me. Thank you -Danielle

I have been desperately searching for relief from chronic neuropathy as a result of an incomplete spinal cord injury in 2013. It has been a long and painful recovery but an enlightening transition completely from a heavy pharma based pain management to a plant based regiment. Relief rushed through my vibrating nerve paths within minutes of orally ingesting the Full Moon FECO my nerve pain and accompanying paresthesias were GONE. My mind was able to remain clear and functional and let me enjoy life outside of the pain I have gotten so used to. The relief continued to surge through the week of titrating exclusively with your product. I have been across the country searching for a cannabis based medicine that I did not know could be THIS wonderful. THANK YOU. – Patrick

It’s seriously a life saver, took my pain away in 20 minutes!! -Alexandra

I myself am a daily user of the Chemdawg Sweet and Sour. It does wonder for my chronic pain and PTSD that I recieved through my Army service. I appreciate you guys making such a great product. – John 

I just wanted to put a lot of emphasis on how well your CBD oil … works medically. The disease I have is called CSPR-2 Autoimmune Limbic Encephalitis and causes anywhere between none and fifty seizures daily. Usually, I use THC medicine but have gotten put in multiple situations where I need medicine but cannot handle the intoxicating feelings for the certain situation I’m in. Even though the CBD isn’t as affective as the THC based medicine, it has stopped anywhere between one to two hundred seizures … It’s truly incredible, I thank you and am hoping our country no longer frowns on cannabis so research as such can be official and continue. – Danny

I was hit by a drunk driver at 19 yrs old. Have had severe physical pain ever since. I was gifted a sample of the 8:1 sour sunami, it is the best cbd product I have ever had. Helps with so many of my symptoms and just general overall health. And I have run out of it as well I would really like to be apart of your team, and help others find out about this product. The color, taste, texture, and consistency of it really is more attractive then other products.

I have been in Therapy and Medication Trials for 5 years for PTSD and the Elektra was one of the best aids I have found!!!!

The best part of waking up is FECO in your cup! This Blue City Diesel is a perfect 50/50 that relieves my neuropathy and pain. Invisible illnesses suck, but cannabis sure helps!  Thank you for helping me live my best life! Enjoy your Sunday – Lori

 I suffer from severe nerve pain and back pain due to having a spinal injury. And have found out that the specifically green crack 1-1 cbd thc works incredible. Please let me know where I can buy it because I would like to buy a lot. Thank you have a wonderful day

I’ve shopped a lot of different products to use cannabis medically and am really appreciating the quality of your products. I’ve come to know sclabs analysis well, and now know more about cannabinoids and terpenes than a lot of dispensary workers ? I haven’t found the high level of precision and quality from other products, and so far I have tried a lot. I really want you to know how much I and others (from talking to a lot of people in the field!) appreciate your company’s product and way of doing things and I urge you to continue doing this because it helps people. I’m about to go on a run to the various shops in PDX here but wanted to send this off first All the best -Sage

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have a “broken stomach”, it doesn’t digest food. I’m losing faith in “western medicine” so I started trying RSO. I was about to give up as none were working for me. I went to Terpene Station. They highly recommended your product (1:1 9lb hammer). it worked great for my pain & nausea, and helped me eat. I have returned twice to get more but they have been sold out. I have tried 2 other brands since yours and I am not impressed with those…. thank you for having this product and helping make life manageable!

I’ve been using this product as medication, 0.1 ml a day , helps enormously with stiffness and prevents me from feeling wretched.

We are on an extended stay in Southwestern Oregon. My wife has is a senior citizen with osteoarthritis and so we tried your full spectrum CBD oil. Full Spectrum Raw CO2 Oil Sour Tsunami. It has been tremendous in helping her with the pain. Her ability to get around has been substantially improved. We have no experience with CBD oil so I have no idea where to start. I apologize for the long message but I am just flabbergasted at the effect of this oil

Dear OMExtracts, I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I love your products. They have literally changed my life. The calmness your full spectrum extracts have brought me are like nothing I have experienced without the aid of western medicine. Thank you for choosing to work with local sustainable farmers and keeping the Rogue Valley ‘green’ (even though I a now up in Portland). Finally, thank you for creating and supplying a superior product, which I love using and telling people about (so far I’ve tried the Rogue Valley Poison, Full Moon and Sour Diesel…all amazing). So once again, thank you!! Travis

My experience with OM Extracts Full Spectrum Raw CO2 Oil could not have been better! The 3:1 CBD:THC ratio in this Blue Dream FECO is great for daily use, and helped me with pesky pains and relaxation. This whole-plant extract has a 19% terpene content and a surprisingly pleasant taste. I enjoyed the mild head shift and relaxing effects of this myrcene-heavy oil that had me sleeping like a baby!

a little bit under my tongue, all day long, i hurt my rib and dabbing hurts…im using this … Super impressed with the taste, first of all, it tastes proper. It tastes like flower. And the effect, its slow, its physical.

I have catamenial epilepsy which means I have small seizures that are related to my menstrual cycle. I am on an epilepsy medication which decreases my seizure frequency but once I started taking Elektra CBD they SIGNIFICANTLY decreased. I have no side effects and feel great! It has been such a relief to be almost seizure free after 2 years of trial and error. Thanks so much! Amy

Your Chemdawg has given my son relief from seizures. Please keep up the wonderful work! Thank you!

I’ve been meaning to message to tell about my dog he had a lump on his large main paw pad noticed it in spring we didn’t let the vet take a punch biopsy. We did some research and I started giving him lifter oil from your company well the lump is gone…blessings thanks and hats off. I’m taking him in soon just so the vet can see that nutrition and cbd/thc can help daaaaaaaaags! … Both orally and external use I made a tincture for him with it with hemp oil rougly 450 milligrams. Just a tiny rice size piece rubbed in every other day! He loves it! He looks for it.

I am a paraplegic gal who has horrible nerve pain and spasms. I was injured on a ski jump as a teenager at the age of 15, and my mother (thankfully) took the garbage bag full of narcotics away and gave me a bag of weed…fast forward to the 1990s, when I spoke to the state Senate about how cannabis made it possible for me to function (I was raising 2 kids as a widowed mom and going to the UO fulltime). My medical marijuana card was #26! I digress…we are now at a time when great minds are finally free to create great products – and I love your edibles! I am too old to be smoking anymore (49) so I need something that gives me both a THC sleep and the CBD pain relief. I was impressed by your product because I have been a flower user my whole life, then tried dabs, etc…but – I also smoked cigs for a long time, and need to give these poor lungs a break! Over the years I have tried edibles, made edibles, ate edibles, but I never got the same feeling as when I smoked – and I would wait, and wait, and wait…only to turn to a bong hit because I was still in pain and had anxiety. Your product came on slowly but also let me know relief was on the way. I guess that’s the one thing that got me. So…thank you again!

I live in Portland I suffer from insomnia, I was recommended your product cactus oil. It was a fantastic success almost 30 years of insomnia went over night. 

Debilitating migraines that once took over my whole life and stopped me from being a good mother and wife have been eased from the om extracts blue dream thank you so much OME

Yours is a great product! My dogs are 11 and 7, my 11yo has some arthritis and my younger dog had AIHA as younger dog and IMO CBD’s with just a few percent THC to activate the entourage effect is natures perfect support medicine. I thank YOU or making it available, to support health and wellness.

This stuff was amazing!! I have had trouble sleeping lately and that [FECO] just gave me the best nights sleep I’ve had in a longggg time.

I am currently using your CBD Cannabis Tincture … Works great at managing pain and tremors.

I have the CSS right now and its helping me through this epilepsy so much!

Love the CO2 FECO Cactus. It’s the best thing for my partner’s chronic pain.

It’s literally what is getting some of our patients off of opioids.

I love your Full Spectrum CBD SO much! It’s a life saver! Kills my anxiety and calms my pain like no ones business.

Could we possibly get more of the Elektra Feco? We have a customer who has cancer and … we are reserving for her … treatment.

I started having a seizure and my mom placed a drop of your guys Tincture on my tongue and it instantly stopped and pulled me out of my seizure. Now we stick to your tincture and just use a drop when my family members notice I’m having a seizure. I am so grateful that we found the right natural medicine!

It has been a long and painful recovery but an enlightening transition completely from a heavy pharma based pain management to a plant based regiment. Relief rushed through my vibrating nerve paths within minutes of orally ingesting the Full Moon FECO my nerve pain and accompanying paresthesias were GONE. My mind was able to remain clear and functional and let me enjoy life outside of the pain I have gotten so used to. The relief continued to surge through the week of titrating exclusively with your product.

Made some medibles last night with the Golden Wonder Goo with your collaboration with @greensourcegardens and its really helped my boyfriend and his crohns today.  It was super easy to infuse into it which was awesome because we didn’t have much energy yesterday.