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The team at OM Extracts holds transparency and honesty as guiding values. You deserve access to the full test results of all Cannabis medicine. OM Extracts test results for past and current products available are below.

Currently Available Varieties

Raw CO2 FECO – 3 Kings – 19H0085-01 and 19H0085-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Cherry Berry – 19H0179-07 and 19H0179-08

Raw CO2 FECO – Cherry Tiger – 19F0089-07 and 19F0089-08

Raw CO2 FECO – Durban Poison – 19C0104-01 and 19C0104-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Elektra – 19F0089-01 and 19F0089-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Galactic Glue – 18I0014-03 and 18I0014-04

Raw CO2 FECO – Golden Goat – 19F0030-05 and 19F0030-06

Raw CO2 FECO – Kosher Kush – 19H0179-01 and 19H0179-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Mr. Clean – 19G0150-05 and 19G0150-06

Raw CO2 FECO – PHK – 19H0179-05 and 19H0179-06

Raw CO2 FECO – Sour Space Candy – 19H0179-03 and 19H0179-04

Raw CO2 FECO – Sour Tangie – 19C0104-03 and 19C0104-04

Raw CO2 FECO – Suver Haze – 19F0089-03 and 19F0089-04

Previously Available Varieties

Raw CO2 Hemp FECO – Elektra – 19B0081-01 and 19B0081-02

Raw CO2 Hemp FECO – Lifter – 19B0081-03 and 19B0081-04

Raw CO2 Hemp FECO Suver Haze – 19C0104-13 and 19C01014-14

Raw CO2 FECO – 9 LB Hammer – 19C0104-09 and 19C0104-10

Raw CO2 FECO – Blood Durban – 19F0089-09 and 19F0089-10

Raw CO2 FECO – Blueberry Trainwreck – G8D0058-06

Raw CO2 FECO – Blue City Diesel – 19C0104-07 and 19C0104-08

Raw CO2 FECO – Blue Dream CBD – 19C0104-15 and 19C0104-15

Raw CO2 FECO – Cactus – 18H0005-05 and 18H0005-06

Raw CO2 FECO – Cactus – 18J0041-07 and 18J0041-08

Raw CO2 FECO – Chemdawg Sweet and Sour – 18J0041-01 and 18J0041-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Chemdawg Sweet Sour – 18E0065-03 and 18E0065-04

Raw CO2 FECO – Cindy 99 – 19C0104-05 and 19C0104-06

Raw CO2 FECO – Durban Poison – 18K0118-03 and 18K0118-04

Raw CO2 FECO – ECSD – East Coast Sour Diesel – G8E0122-01 and G8E0122-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Full Moon – 18K0118-09 and 18K0118-10

Raw CO2 FECO – Golden Wonder x Wonder Goo Green Source Gardens – 18K0118-07 and 18K0118-08

Raw CO2 FECO – Green Crack CBD Sweden CBD – 19A0112-13

Raw CO2 FECO – Harle Tsu – 18H0005-03 and 18H0005-04

Raw C02 FECO – Lemon Kush – 18J0092-03 and 18J0092-04

Raw CO2 FECO – Lifter – 19F0089-05 and 19F0089-06

Raw CO2 FECO – Marionberry OG Kush – 19G0150-03 and 19G0150-04

Raw CO2 FECO – Nightmare Cookies – 18E0065-05 and 18E0065-06

Raw CO2 FECO – Ozma East Fork Cultivars – 18J0092-01 and 18J0092-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Purple GSC – 19G0150-07 and 19G0150-08

Raw CO2 FECO – PHK – Purple Hindu Kush Southern Oregon Jager – 18F0077-01 and 18F0077-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Quantum Kush – 19B0081-07 and 19B0081-08

Raw CO2 FECO – Raspberry Boogie – 19G0150-01 and 19G0150-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Raspberry Diesel CBD Sweden CBD – 18I0014-05 and 18I0014-06

Raw CO2 FECO – Rogue Valley Poison – 19B0081-05 and 19B0081-06

Raw CO2 FECO – SFK – 56 South Fork Kush 56 Benson Elvis – 18F0077-03 and 18F0077-04

Raw CO2 FECO – Smawg – 19F0030-01 and 19F0030-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Sour Diesel – 19D0121-07 and 19D0121-08

Raw CO2 FECO – Sour Tsunami Sour Tsu – 18F0016-01 and 18F0016-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Sour Tsunami Sour Tsu – 18J0041-05 and 18J0041-06

Raw CO2 FECO – The White – 18K0118-01 and 18K0118-02

Raw CO2 FECO – Wedding Cake – 19F0089-11 and 19F0089-12